Before Planning a Vacation, Make Sure These 10 Things Are On Your Mobile!

Life in today is easy. Things that once could not have been accomplished with the help of technology. Places that were initially unattainable at this time can we go. No wonder more and more people are traveling to explore new things. In addition to an interesting experience, traveling with the help of technology can make life easier.

As a traveler, you are obliged to install applications that will facilitate your journey to the destination. What are some applications you should have on your smartphone? Here, Hipwee Travel will love the recommendations of some of these apps to accompany you for a walk, install immediately before starting the journey yes!




1. Instead of dead-style traffic jams, monitor traffic conditions with Waze


waze via

Waze is a navigation software that uses GPS to track traffic conditions on your journey. Through Waze, road users connect with other road users and can actively play the role of preaching road conditions. For example there are accidents, floods, road closures, or other things that interfere with traffic, the information will appear in Waze.

With this app, a lot of time can be saved on the trip because you can avoid the jam area and look for other road alternatives. Waze is very useful in big cities are crowded and traffic conditions are difficult to predict.




2. No more stories missed the plane. Track your flight status with Flight Tracker

Flight Tracker via

Moving places by plane transportation certainly often makes the pace chase schedule. In order for you to know the status of your flight, or the flight status of your relatives who want to be picked up at the airport, use the Flight Tracker app.

In addition to flight status information, this app can also help you track flight details like gates, terminals, routes, and delay time estimates.




3. Even if you do not have a personal assistant, TripIt can organize your travel plans


TripIt via

Planning a travel itinerary before leaving can be a separate agenda that takes a long time. Not to mention if you are a careless person and likes to forget the little things. Important travel details may be missed by you.

By installing TripIt application, all your battles can be more organized. TripIt will serve as a personal assistant who will organize your travel activities and itinerary.

4. Do not let anyone get left behind. Todo’s app will help you remember and do!


Todo via

So much the agenda you want to do, or the things you want to buy for souvenirs, sometimes you forget yourself and miss a few things.

The solution is to make a complete record of the form of checklist, as offered by this Todo appliaksi. Once you’ve done one thing, you can tick it and mark that one mission is over!




5. Do not forget to immortalize the story in a travel journal through the Evernote app


Evernote via

In addition to note-to-do list, you also need to pour a travel note that contains interesting things that you meet. No need to be bothered with a book and pen to write, you can do it on your mobile device.

Evernote is one of the note apps that lets you record, draw, save web articles, to save photos that match your notes. Evernote can also sync with your email so that it can be accessed in various mobile devices, laptop, and PCmu.




6. Provide umbrella before it rains, ready AccuWeather before the trip!


AccuWeather via

Traveling to a place far from your home country means getting ready to adapt. The first challenge you will face is of course weather, because it affects your health, choice of clothes, or your next travel plan.

Try installing AccuWeather to find out the weather forecast of your destination location. In addition, you can also customize other information you want to know, such as wind, humidity, pressure, and more.




7. For roads to pass, use Citymapper – Real Time Transit for public transportation information in the city you are in


citymapper via

If you travel to big cities, they usually have a public transportation mapping system. The choice of KRL or busway transportation can be a choice to move within the city. With the Citymapper app, you can find the public transportation routes you need. Not only that, you can also know the distance you will travel and the calories you will burn if walking to the destination.

That way, you can more wisely decide, want to ride a public vehicle or walk aja yaaa?




8. Although on the way, worship should not be left behind. Muslim Pro kudu installed ya

Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro via

For you who are Muslim, worship is of course still a top priority even on the way. New locations will usually confuse you to determine the right time and place to pray.

With the Pro Pro application, all this confusion can be overcome. Equipped with a schedule of prayer features that automatically adjust to the location where you are, as well as the right direction of qibla, so there is no reason to ninggalin praying guys. Moreover, you can also access Qur’an verses for reading through this application.




9. Share your expenses with friends a group of trips. Careful Splitrr can help save you as well

Splittr via

Usually, traveling in groups can indeed make your exciting moments more exciting. Until it’s time to meet the expenses that are borne together. You may be confused how to divide the spending equally.

Agree with your friends to use Splittr. This app can help you classify expenses during traveling. Once grouped, you can share it with your friends so that the cost of travel can be shared.




10. Your travel story deserves to be a book. Compile your photos with Blurb, and capture your memory here


blurb via

At the end of the journey, it’s time for you to go home. Certainly with a myriad of stories and memories enshrined through photographs. In order for your memories to be sweeter again, try to make the collection in the form of a book. The Blurb app will help you design your own photo book, and design it as you wish.

If it is interesting, you can even distribute and sell it. Surely many can not wait for your travel book!




These apps can be easily found on Google Playstore Android or Apple Storemu. If you want more advanced services, you can upgrade your app to paid services. Guaranteed your days will be more easy like Sunday Morning ~

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