The 15 Most Dangerous Countries Visited Create A Traveling. Rehink Deh Wanna Go There!

In the era of social media like now, vacation has become a lifestyle that has become a necessity. Choice of holiday destinations were increasingly widespread, not just in the country alone. The number of cheap tickets now make everyone can take a vacation, even to a strange country heard in the ear though. This we should be grateful is not it?

But do not carelessly vacation to a country that you do not yet know the conflict or the problems that exist there. Quoted from the World Tourism Forum’s report on the Travel Competitive Index, the following 15 countries are the most dangerous to be visited by tourists. Think about it if you want a vacation there!

15. Chad, a country in Africa. Bordered by Libya and Sudan, terror has become a daily food there

The country is infiltrated by ISIS, Boko Haram and also an active Al Qaeda. It is clear how dangerous this country is. Do not go there ya …

14. Bangladesh is an unsafe country to visit not only because of terror attacks in the country, but also because of the many incidents of natural disasters

In addition to terror, the number of natural events in Bangladesh such as floods, cyclone winds, until the earthquake seemed enough to give reasons not to travel there.

13. Mali, a country in Africa that has a high risk of terror

The capital of Mali, Bamako is vulnerable to terrorists and many shootings and murders there. Uh, there’s no thought to holiday here right? Just know his name maybe just now. Hehehe.

12. Lebanon is also surrounded by conflict nations. In the country itself many terror that occurred in this country

While not directly experiencing battles in the Middle East, Lebanon is also in an insecure position from the threat of terror.

11. The Philippines despite having beautiful natural attractions, there is always a terrible conflict. Sulu and Marawi are areas prone to conflict. Marawi even occupied ISIS


Marawi is now a battleground between the Philippine government and ISIS. Mending you postpone deh holiday there. Feared turmoil like this spread to other cities.

10. Ukraine is at war with armed separatists backed by Russia. It would not be safe to be there …

Areas like the Crimea, Donetsk oblast, Lunask oblast are being contested between the Ukrainian government and separatist separatists. This kind of battle traps civilians in endless bouts.

9. Honduras, the country with the highest murder rate in the world. Udah deh not go there already!

Honduras, is a country in Central America and has a reputation as the country with the highest murder rate in the world. Robbery, murder, drugs have become commonplace there, where the apparatus is not very meaningful.

8. Kenya, a country that is familiar with shootings, grenades and terror attacks!


The country in Central Africa is already very familiar with terrorist attacks, such as shootings, grenades and bombs. Definitely not an ideal place to travel yes.

7. Egypt, a country with a very old civilization is now being wary of terrorist threats, both from ISIS and other groups

Egypt can not escape the hustle and bustle in the Middle East. The threat of ISIS and the rebels can make your holiday there very unpleasant.

6. Venezuela, the producer of this beautiful model turned out to be a dangerous country for the traveler. Poverty is the reason


Shortages of food, water and electricity make crime very rampant in Venezuela. The country has a reputation as one of the most crime-ridden countries in the world. Robbery, kidnapping to murder are the daily food of Venezuelans.

5. Nigeria, the country terrorized by the terrorist group Boko Haram is not the right country for a vacation, is it?

Violence has become a habit in Nigeria. Terror groups are everywhere and eyeing public crowds.

4. A religious conflict that has for years made Pakistan one of the most dangerous countries …


The Pakistani government severely limits freedom of speech and prohibits foreigners from accessing several places in the country. May be there but be extra careful yes.

3. El Salvador, the country with the highest murder rate in the world. Better still do not go there!

In addition to predicate as the country with the highest murder rate in the world, El Salvador is also famous for the armed gangs. The crimes they committed ranged from extortion, robbery and drug trafficking.

2. Conflicting countries in the Middle East, Yemen, you should strike from your visit. Danger…

No need to explain the details we all know that Yemen is churning and its citizens are all short of water, food or medical aid.

1. The most unsafe country is Colombia. This country is the center of crime and armed gangs. Think if you go there …


The armed gangs in Colombia are very troubling. Kidnapping, robbery, drug trafficking and explosions are very common in big cities like Bogota. Not really safe for traveling.


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